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How To Stay Fit All The Time

How To Stay Fit All The Time 

Being fit is not only about exercise it is about your whole life style . You should eat healthy , exercise and have a good habits .

Eating Healthy :

Be aware of what you eat and the amount of it .You can eat hat ever you want but in a small pieces . For example it is Ok to eat one piece of cheesecake  once a week .

splurging yourself will make you satisfy and you will not have a desire to eat a lot . Plus you wont feel totally forbidden form the thing you love.

You can add some healthy food to your diet like :

Virgin olive oil : has a lot of vitamins , omega 3 that is great for skin and hair care . It is high in polyphenols which contributes to lowering bad cholesterol . Also good for heart health and taste great ! .

Parsley : it good for bone health with vitamin K . A great home treatment for all kinds of inflammation specially if you add parsley juice to your breakfast . It will make you glowing and shining !

Honey : has a lot of vitamins and minrals . Add it to your breakfast or mix a spoon to it in luck warm water and drink it be in the morning in empty stomach .

mix a cinnamon powder with honey in luck warm water and drink it . The two combination are used in medicin for centuries . For more info visit Honey and cinnamon


Having a good habits will help you stay fit :

For example walk to your work . It will help you burn some calories and improve your heart health .

You stairs instead of  elevators .

Do not eat too much in the night instead eat some light salad or yoghurt .

Do not eat between main meals , and if you want , eat a small pieces of your favorite fruit or vegetable .

Eat slowly , will make you feel full .

In a day full of  jobs and you may not have time to excise or you feel extremely tired go for walk 10 minutes .

visit 10 Minute Workout Secrets .


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